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The Ties That Bind


Luke is a true crime writer in search of a story. When he flees to Brighton after an explosive break-up, the perfect subject lands in his lap: reformed gangster Joss Grand.

Now in his eighties, Grand once ruled the Brighton underworld with his sadistic sidekick Jacky Nye – until Jacky washed up by the West Pier in 1968, strangled and thrown into the sea.

Though Grand’s alibi seems cast-iron, Luke is sure there’s more to the story than meets the eye, and he convinces the criminal-turned-philanthropist to be interviewed for a book about his life.

Luke is drawn deeper into the mystery of Jacky Nye’s murder, soon realising that in stirring up secrets from the past, he may have placed himself in terrible danger.

‘Kelly moves away from the domestic thriller to a tale of thuggery in Sixties Brighton. Full of well-drawn characters and heart-stopping moments. Deeply satisfying’

Sunday Express

‘Kelly weaves a masterful web of intrigue, lies and divided loyalties. Her psychological insight and taut plot create a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat’

Press Association

‘An elegantly plotted, convincing and beautifully written thriller’

Sunday Mirror

‘Flitting between present and past, the story is particularly affecting in its atmospheric re-creation of Brighton’s historical criminal underworld’

Irish Times

‘Another tension-filled mystery filled with compelling characters and plot twists’


‘A gripping story… the reader becomes engrossed

Irish Tatler

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